Who Is The Floral PA...

The Floral PA also known as Henrietta and Hettie is a fun, easy going & level-headed kind of girl who always wears a smile on her face. With a cup of tea in hand and a bubbly personality, she doesn’t take life too seriously. Over the years she has learnt to forgive her flaws and to have a positive mindset every day, but the truth is that she hasn’t always been this way. Throughout her life she has been hurt by many people. She’s been used and abused, sexually harassed, ostracised, and had many a traumatic experience. She has been a bubble of anger and a bag of nerves, suffering with anxiety, depression, self-hate and self-doubt. She found it hard to trust, with comfort eating and self-sabotage being her best friends.

Why is she telling you all this? Because Hettie is an open book and firm believer of not having anything to hide. She also finds it incredibly empowering, and each time she talks about her past, it makes her stronger. She knows shes been at no fault, and by accepting herself, she can therefore help others, and if she can help people who have been through similar experiences, then she will. Unfortunately, she knows all too well that people are too quick to judge and draw up their own conclusions these days, without first, understanding the person and what baggage they have had to carry around with them. This is why she wants to act as a guide and help where possible. 

Hettie has been able to learn from her experiences after seeing what it can do to a person. Most importantly, though, she has FELT what it can do to a person. She was damned if she was going to let those insignificant thoughts and people get the better of her. She has strived above it all, and has channelled her past in a positive way in order to become the strong woman she is today. Throughout her life, she has been asked how is she this mature for her age, and how does she always know the right thing to say, and piece of advice to give. She has people from all ages flocking to her for her wisdom and empowering mantra.

You might be wondering how has Hettie managed to turn things around for herself?  She could've quite easily gone down the wrong path! Well, this is what she did..

She found that studying Performing Arts at university was the making of her. She always believed she wasn’t smart enough for university, let alone smart enough to receive a scholarship for being in the top 3% of all students by her second year, which is safe to say, surprised her, but also gave her the confidence to dream big. Learning and exploring many different mediums & disciplines, in addition to pushing boundaries, gave her the grounds and strength to achieve anything she put her mind to. After her university years she took a year out to decide what route she wanted to go down, at that point teaching performing arts didn't seem like the right time due to the government potentially restructuring the curriculum within schools. So, she went on to join The Wedding Academy where she studied wedding styling and floral design. Her passion really grew from there as she knew that she was creative and had a strong love for art and design, from designing costumes, stage sets, interior design, to huge floral arrangements. She became her own boss, which has always been a life long ambition of hers, but  her love for teaching never left her. 

Floristry has become her biggest creative outlet, and she loves nothing more than to design and create the most beautiful floral arrangements for weddings and private parties - the bigger, the better!  Alongside wedding floristry, Hettie also loves to teach and inspire others how to create floral designs which resonate with them and their homes.

 After talking to many people during lockdown, she u
nderstands how hard life has been both emotionally and mentally, especially with everything that’s happened this past year, this is why Hettie stresses the importance of having a creative outlet and a place in our home where we can switch off, appreciate ourselves and consider how far we’ve come. Hettie now specialises in creating mindfulness-orientated floral designs with relaxing and empowering vibes to help us through those difficult days. Sometimes we all need a bit of escapism, to switch off, to be present, and in the moment. Today's social pressures are becoming more and more apparent, and taking their toll on us. Let's all enjoy a moment to ourselves, recharge and not give a damn about what anyone else has to say or think about us.

After all, everyone deserves their own little nirvana.

If you would like to have your wedding flowers designed by Hettie, or to join one of her workshops, then contact Hettie for a free consultation today!

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