About Me

Hello! I’m Hettie, also known as Henrietta. I’m a country girl, with a city heart. I live as remote as you can possibly imagine and I love it – but my dogs love it even more. There’s nothing like smelling that fresh country air and walking for miles, taking in the beautiful and wonderful scenery. However, one small confession is that I can’t get enough of my city breaks. I simply adore going abroad and exploring different cultures and feeling oh so cosmopolitan. I have to admit, as it stands, Paris and Barcelona hold two of the keys to my heart. There are a million and one other tidbits about me that you'll get to know over time, but for now, I want to tell you about what I do and who is apart of my team.

My Humble Abode

Here I am in my happy place. Working away, doing what I love most and that’s creating beautiful and elegant florals and designing every element for the most remarkable wedding or event. I also have a keen eye for detail and I love bringing all of those special moments together with a unique personal touch. I'm a big believer that no two weddings or events should ever be the same. That's why I'm here to give yours that extra special spark and to blow your guests away with the wow factors that'll keep them talking for years to come. 

My Right Hand Woman

This is my darling mum and the lady who will forever be by my side. Juliet will work closely with me from the start to the end of your big day. Rest assured we have all bases covered from creativity, logistics, style and design. We will be there for you every step of the way, and we are here to take the intense weight of designing and styling a wedding/event off your shoulders. Just think of us as your safety net and support guides. If you ever have a query, just give us a call as we will be there for you every step of the way.

My Marcella 

This is Marci, also known as Marcella, or in other words - Wonder Woman! She is the gift that keeps on giving. I honestly can't think of a nicer and more genuine woman than this bundle of joy. Wherever Marci goes the room immediately lights up, and the same can be said for her amazing styling skills. Without a doubt Marci is one of the best stylists I know, and I couldn't be more grateful to have her as a member of my team. This girl knows how to style your wedding or event like no other, adding her own unique & special sparkle. If you book my styling services you will get the chance to meet Marci and see the magic unveil before your very own eyes.

My Loved Ones

When I’m not in the office or surrounded by nature’s wonders, I enjoy spending my time with my quirky little family. These guys are my partners in crime and the loves of my life. I would be utterly lost without them. They are my biggest supporters, and you may even see my partner from time to time if I need help carrying heavier items! Oh, and in case you were wondering our French Bulldog is called Louie and our Cockapoo is called Barney. They're the cheekiest little devils you'll ever meet.

Tetbury, Gloucestershire 

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