Flowers & Mindfulness Membership


Hettie wants everyone to find comfort, healing or some time for themselves. By learning a new skill and appreciating the time and effort to create something beautiful can be extremely therapeutic. Therefore creating floral arrangements for the home is the perfect way to offload while practising mindfulness. 

Why combine flowers with mindfulness?

Flowers provide us with sentiment, hope, tranquillity and joy. They can represent something different to all of us, a memory, or a connection. There's a reason why we gift flowers and buy flowers for the home when we have guests come over. Everyone loves and enjoys their beauty, and you can find calmness and solidarity while creating your own beautiful arrangement which you can endure time and time again. 

Hettie has created a 6 month online membership plan to help you transform a space in your home and to let your creativity truly fly. Within each tutorial you will learn about the subconsciousness of colour, how to create an arrangement for that room and tips to become more mindful. Each month we will go on a different journey for each room, to help achieve ultimate zen throughout. This is something you can enjoy on your own, or with your children too. But the important thing is that you schedule in the time, even if it’s just half an hour to yourself each day to enjoy the space and your beautiful floral arrangements. Appreciate yourself, what you have achieved and the little snippet of happiness you have brought to your home. It’s important to create a balance for your home and that’s why Hettie has made her home as tranquil and peaceful as possible.

You will also have access to a private Facebook group where it will be a safe space to talk and be open, and where we can all share our hints and tips to become more mindful. I always find talking things through has been hugely important for my mental wellbeing, and for others it can be hard to talk to friends and family. This will be a non-judgemental space where we can all be honest and let go of the baggage we have been carrying around with us.

Image by Joanna Kosinska


Tetbury, Gloucestershire